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Your Human Spirit in Business 2012

A friend on Facebook wrote a message that read: “In 2012, please do not lose your fun side, do not fear reckless abandon and do not forget what you really came out for.” Sure struck a few chords.

Did you find yourself so damn tired towards the end of 2011? Mentally drained. Physically broken down. Emotionally spent. And spiritually disconnected. And that last one doesn’t have anything  to do with religion. It has to do with the human spirit.

Human spirit at work you ask? What’s that? “I just need to make more money,” you say. Sure…that goal will work to get you motivated, but regaining your human spirit means much more than that. To me it means setting the tone for yourself and your company. You know, pump up your vision. Revisit what worked and what didn’t work professionally. Get excited about the uncertainties and the possibilities. Brace yourself for challenges, knowing that you are well-equipped after the ones in 2011. Reassess what you’re after to increase business. Get your communications tools polished enough to be proud to send out. And go after gaining more exposure in the marketplace, knowing that sometimes advertising and public relations aren’t quite working for you and your company. Media exposure could be the answer.

If you want to get consumers, the industry, and the media excited about your company and its offerings, trying a new approach can be a little worrisome. Especially when you know the targets you have to hit. Media exposure isn’t for everyone. But for those who want to step into the spotlight in 2012, and become industry experts and leaders in their field, it can be THE ticket to more people, more word-of-mouth, and more business.

But it’s up to your human spirit to kick in. As the leader of your company, you have the sparkle to make great things happen. Have fun with it. Let go of what didn’t add to you and your company’s star power. You just have to believe in the possibilities that have yet to unfold this year. It’s 2012…so shoot for thse stars! Go ahead!

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Turning leaders into stars….not celebrities!

I turn leaders into stars. But I’m not a Hollywood agent, or a high strung celebrity publicist. I don’t take a cut from client achievements. I get paid to provide exposure for leaders in today’s marketplace.  Oh…and I don’t do PR.  So what’s my strategy? MEDIA and PROMOTIONS.

After 22 years as a journalist and television professional, I know a few things (okay more than that!) about providing exposure and treating people like stars. I’ve done it so many times, for so many  leaders, for so many reasons, and the payoff for them was…well….success. You see, by telling stories, in print or video format, about unique people, products, or services, I played a major role in creating their “celebrity” status. By putting their stories, their characters, their personalities, and their vision out into the media spotlight, they turned into “stars.”

The other day I heard the phrase: “entrepreneurial niche celebrity.” And it wasn’t about red carpet appearances, a limo pulling up to your office front door, a high-speed paparazzi chase, or about being a household name.Entrepreneurial niche celebrity is about being seen as an approachable and trusted resource to a specific audience or around a specialized topic. It’s the go-to person and company–the “star” leader I define as: someone who leads, educates, entertains, and inspires; an expert consumers know, like and trust; the face of a company; accessible and transparent online and offline; friendly and helpful, not stuffy and all-knowing.

I see “celebrity” as: a public figure defined by mainstream media; having the illusion of perfection and someone who is heavily guarded by peeps. Far different than the “star” leader, isn’t it?

If you want to become a trusted resource—a “star” leader, here are some tips:

#1: Put Your Face & Personality Out There: The Web has changed the way we do business. Much like small-town businesses, we typically buy a product or service from people we know, like, and trust.  Establishing that personal connection is important, especially in today’s marketplace. Add a photo to your online presence. Inject your personality into website copy, videos, and blogs. Replace boring fluff content with uber personality-filled text. Create your press kit and send it out to people who matter.

#2: Offer Sizzling Content: By giving out free, consistent, and interesting content, you engage instantly. People want to be entertained, educated, and inspired….by your personality. Boring content is old hat.

#3: Build Caring Relationships: Interact with those who take the time to write you an email, send you a Tweet, or even comment on your site.

To be a “quoted expert” in the media today requires leaders to be “star” quality—engaging, committed to their craft, and personable enough to get attention….from people like me!

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Get Into the Spotlight With Media Exposure

About a year ago a good friend and mentor asked me “What do you want to do with your career?” Without hesitation I answered “I want to turn leaders into stars.” The next question was “Why?” Quite simply, it is what I had been doing for the last 20 years of my career as a journalist and a television producer.

You see, many don’t realize that the media can be a powerful resource and image booster, especially when you’re trying to start a business, run a business or improve a business.

In today’s marketplace, big budgets for marketing, promotions and publicity aren’t what they used to be. Each dollar must be strategically allocated towards something tangible and results-driven. Spending on publicity or media attention isn’t usually a huge priority and results are often seen as a shot in the dark. So why waste money on that, right? Especially when your business is comfortably attracting customers, generating decent revenue and starting to gain traction as a household name? Here’s the answer.

I spent over two decades telling wonderful stories about leaders, their products, their services, and the difference they make in the community. But they weren’t just ordinary stories. They were colourful, newsworthy, attention-grabbing and drummed up enough attention to boost a company’s image and sales. And it was all done in a clear, concise, and clever way that would attract consumers and industry executives by using print, broadcast and promotional opportunities. The result? I turned Leader Into Stars.

You don’t need to spend lots of money to gain exposure in the marketplace. Using a few tried and true journalistic strategies, and the behind-the-scenes expertise of a media professional, you and your company can gain the spotlight just by stepping out of your office walls, becoming an expert in your field, and showcasing your product or service on stage.

I believe that your income and your life changes when you successfully position yourself as an expert. Online and offline media exposure is what you and your company needs to stay top-of-mind and successful today.



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New blog.

Congrats G on your new blog!! Video should be good once we get the sounds to your WEB designer.